In 5/2003 I gave up on fighting cancer, it had spread through my intestines, colon and liver and I was wasting away at around 98 pounds barely able to walk. My name is Doc Kinney and I am six foot five and 68 years old. A friend called me on the phone and asked me what I needed to fight it. I said I needed a Doctor that thought of me as a human not a number and I wanted Eastern medicine and not a Western medical treatment. She said there was a Tibetan Buddhist Doctor where she lived and said she would call him and ask him what he could do. I was able to get a ride to the island clinic and could feel the Tibetan trained doctor had started working on my body, soul and spirit right away that Saturday as I was arriving to the island where his clinic is located. I felt so comfortable and trusting in my spirit with him. His procedures were non invasive and kind, my spirit felt inspired.

To give a testimonial about this special Doctor (Amchi) and his healing abilities I have to describe him. The first time I met Amchi Thubten Lekshe (Bradley Dobos) and the only time I could get to the clinic was on a Saturday. Dr. Bradley said he would meet me when I got there, I was traveling from Idaho. This really impressed me that a Doctor would take special time for me. We spent a few hours going over me. Then he went to work on designing and building my healing protocol.

The healing protocol introduced me to my healing diet, Tibetan medicines and natural ways of healing. The Tibetan healing formulas or as I call them (the little black pills) have been part of my every day routine. And they work. The cancer left my liver and intestines and all I needed was a remaining part surgically removed from my lower intestine. It has now been over seven years and I feel great. The tea’s he made me drink are another thing. Some taste good some don’t, but they work. Amchi Lekshe has special qualities from his many years of training and practice to make an individual healing protocol that works! I just got back from the VA hospital and they said I am still totally clean of Cancer. Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! ~ May 29th, 2010 – Larry Kinney – Vietnam Vet

Dear Amchi Lekshe,

I must admit I was not sure what to expect with anything that isn’t Western medicine related. This is all new to me and taking little round pills from pink bags was quite different then white tablets from my Allopathic doctor. But I feel so much better and am free of taking any medications for my bursitis and arthritic back pain. The pain in my liver has gone away, I feel at peace. I am walking everyday and feel no pain! The health and diet protocols you suggested are helping me and I am so thankful for your guidance. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Ben F.

Hi Amchi…..hope all is well with you….things are going well for me, I started the Tibetan pills and have been following your diet suggestions and my doctors have informed me that the cancerous tumor in my brain is beginning to shrink…Good News! Thank you for all your help………….you have empowered me to take control of my health and I have never felt better! ……… Bill Belfiore 6/8/2010

Before I came to see you I was in so much pain ‘down there’, the pain would come and go, pain for a few weeks the no pain for a few months and then back and forth like that. Finally that is over. I want to thank you for helping me with my painful testicles. The formula Thlaspi 13 and Areca Nut 28 has removed the pain from them and from coming back and it has been seven months now and all is well. Thank you! —Carl B. N.Y.C.

Dear Amchi, I want to tell you that the Tibetan pill Amla 25 has helped my high blood pressure, the pain in my liver went away and the dryness I have been experiencing has gone. I actually feel more at peace to. That is a really nice feeling and I want to stay in this peaceful place of being. The meditation and Chi Lel information has given me direction to maintain and grow with that peace. You are awesome. Thank you. —Maria Kentington 3-24-10

When I came to Doctor Dobos I had tried many healing methods over the previous eight years to alleviate my conditions:

Acupuncture, chiropractic, acupressure, homeopathy, naturopathics, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, osteopathy, and more.

All of these modalities had a some affect, but nothing lasted or got to the root or causal level. This was gong to be my very last attempt at healing.

It took five or six visits with Dr. Dobos each showed a gradual but marked improvement that held throughout the the protocol and many weeks after.

About half way through the stages of the Tibetan healing program I noticed constant and reliable physical strength returning while symptoms were abating.

By the end of the series of protocols I was able to lift more weight than I had in my 20’s and I had more endurance and better health than in my prime, 25 year ago. Almost all my symptoms, and I had many, were gone or dramatically reduced. I was able to live so much more fully, and with confidence in my ability to maintain commitments, endeavors and be of service rather than a burden.” Eric S. 6-30-2010

It was a transformative experience to connect with Bradley Dobos aka Amchi Thubten Lekshe. I have attained many spiritual and personal growths after being exposed to his healing and energy. I came feeling broken, vulnerable and ungrounded. And left a changed person, who now had hope and excitement about my future. Such a gift to find a healer who combines insights based on lifetime of experience, with a joyful energy that makes you want to rejoin life. Bradley Dobos is such a person. I can truly say that he has been one of my greatest teachers. —Cory L. 8/9/2010

As I reach my 60th birthday I am increasingly grateful for the amazing opportunity to know Amchi-la Thubten Lekshe and have the ancient art of Tibetan medicine available. I am presently not sick and I pray that I’ll be lucky enough to stay that way. I am an ardent believer in preventative care. I know that to stay healthy you need to stay in balance both physically and emotionally and Tibetan medicine addresses these issues directly.

I have been following an herbal protocol for over a year now, and many symptoms like arthritis, being cold all the time, sinus trouble and lack of energy have improved or disappeared. Dr Bradley Dobos is an authentic practioner of Tibeten Medicine, a doctor so compassionate, supportive, intelligent, vastly knowlegable and exquisitly trained. The “real deal”. I have profound respect and trust in him. I would add don’t forget your animals. They need to stay in balance just like we do. Amchi-la was my dog Nova’s best friend! I don’t know what I would have done without his help when precious Nova got bone cancer. May Amchi Thubten Lekshe’s life be VERY long and happy.

—Debra Cox & Nova 8/3/2010