Tibetan Supplements Are Made With Carefully Balanced Natural Organic Ingredients

The Tibetan healing system is an intricate science with a long history of use and adaptability, integrating new knowledge only after withstanding relentless testing and increasing continued refinement and treatment effectiveness over the centuries. Tibetan holistic healing offers carefully designed personalized treatment plans that promote humoural balance, increase health and ultimately the ability to prevent or reduce the occurrence of disease. You can start your personalized treatment upon request sent to amchi@TibetanDoctors.com.
The Tibetan pill formula supplements are created at the Tibetan medical monasteries of India, Nepal, Amdo Tibet, Bhutan and Siberia by highly trained Tibetan physicians and the Tibetan physicians who collect these rare botanicals spend three to six weeks of each collection season hiking into the remote mountain areas where these botanicals are found. Then a series of blessings are performed to the area to protect and enhance their energetic spiritual qualities before and after harvesting and the same is done when processing and making the medicines. The extensive formulation process integrates the healing properties of the six basic tastes, the eight potencies and the seventeen effects of the herbs, enabling Tibetan supplements to be affective in addressing disorders and diseases with no side effects.
Tibetan supplements are like no other on this planet, how they are collected and made is a process of extraordinary stewardship, skill, clarity of consciousness and compassion.

“Tibetan holistic healing is a comprehensive and an affective system of health care, which over the centuries has served the Tibetan people well and we wish to share its great potentialities and benefits for the health and happiness with all people in the word.”
~ H.H. The Dalai Lama

Tibetan physicians Dr Yeshe Donden and the late great Dr. Tenzin Choedrak, as well as their patients, perhaps most famously HH the Dalai Lama, rely on Tibetan formulas such as Happiness of Mind, Agar 35, Bhim Mitra, Amla 25 and others to help manage the internal aspect of the three humours and navigate life’s currents with a happy mind and calm spirit.


Agar 35, Happiness of Mind & Bhim Mitra

These three pill formulas support the body in establishing humoural balance & stabilize the rLhung 
(Vata – wind – nerves).
“Agar 35, Happiness of Mind and Bhim Mitra should be taken by everyone to increase bliss and well being!” ~ Thubten Thargay
Responses have been: “I feel deeply comfortable in my spirit as a result of having used these formulas during retreat and times of stress, even intense concentration during work deadlines becomes more manageable.” ~ D. Royce “I sleep more deeply in general and my meditation practice has deepened and my understanding of my mind has increased. I feel very thankful to have the assistance of these Tibetan pill medicines and the Tanaduk Center for Tibetan Holistic Health.” ~ M. Eisen



My Dear Amchi Thubten Lekshe,

I am so happy to receive your email. Also, it is really more amazing that you should think of me
just when I was thinking to ask you to send more medicine of my Three Phase Healing protocol.
I have told many of my students about you, and suggested they contact you about their health concerns.

I really like your treatment approach and use of the special Tibetan pill formulas, it is really beneficial for me. If you would like to send some for me, I would like that very much.

Kindest Regards,
Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche