At this point any practitioner of Traditional medicine wether it be Tibetan, Vietnamese, Korean, Siddha, Muti will be reprimanded and fined because there is no licensing yet available for those health systems. Amchi Thubten Lekshe recently was and fined by the US Health Department. To be clear he never made statements that he was representing himself as a doctor, that was done by others ands not authorized by him.

Websites promoting seminars on Tibetan medicine mentioned Amchi Lekshe’s training as a doctor of Tibetan medicine and that brought awareness of his presence to the US Dept. of Health because Tibetan medicine is not recognized in the US. and that there is no licensing available yet, the health dept. issued Amchi Lekshe a cease and desist notice related to representing himself as a doctor in the US however he has always complied to that rule.

Legal counsel drafted a response to the cease and desist order by the US health department to Amchi Thubten Lekshe.

“Tibetan Medicine is not yet licensed and regulated in the United States. Due to this Bradley Dobos aka Amchi Thubten Lekshe who is a well trained doctor of Tibetan Medicine of over forty five years experience is not recognized as a licensed doctor in the US by the AMA. Health Department or any regulatory body within the USA. Therefore he cannot say he can prevent, treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any disease. Recommendations can be made based on traditional and historical Tibetan spiritual principles and methodology. Any treatment you pursue with this well trained Doctor of Tibetan Medicine is done so by your own request with the understanding that he is not representing himself as a doctor and any treatment or recommendations is not a replacement for care by a US licensed MD.”

Legal counsel has further discovered that “Tibetan medicine practices and methods are part of the spiritual religious Buddhist practices as taught by The Medicine Buddha and therefore a religious practice and protected under Federal Constitution. “

“Amchi Lekshe can offer support as a spiritual practitioner under Federal Constitutional Provisions – Amendment 1 and Amendment 14 and under Amendment 34 of the Constitution of the State Washington which legally protects the practice of religious practices and beliefs like Christian Science and their practitioners as well as the Tibetan religious Buddhist spiritual arts and Sciences and their practitioners.”

Being a Buddhist religious spiritual practitioner offering guidance is an important point that was not taken into consideration in defense for Amchi Lekshe with the US Dept of Health.

One of the more apparent obstacles for the practice of Tibetan medicine is that it is not yet under the administration of regulating licensing agencies in the US or other countries outside of Tibet and thus not legally recognized. This issue is among the obstacles being overcome through consistent clarity in communications, alliances and research, progress is being made.