“When you set an appointment and engage a Tibetan trained physician for healing

you will have also begun a journey of insight, of clearing away obstacles

and securing a path towards ultimate enlightenment.” ~ Ven. Tenzin Dorje


Upon requesting an appointment for consultation we ask that you please send a brief medical history and include your age, weight, height and diet history. Please make a list of foods and liquids consumed and the approximate time you consumed those foods during the day; for a two week period. List medications and supplements taken, stool consistency and regularity, sleep patterns, blood pressure and any information you feel important to include.

If you cannot make a physical appointment to the clinic, a consultation by phone and by email works very well, we request 5 photos, four of your tongue – one top rear, one top front, one of each side of the tongue and one full body photo. A clinic form will be sent to you and after reviewing the above information and consultation, a healing protocol will be designed, and prepared by the physician and sent to you.

You can contact the Tanaduk Center office by email to request an appointment for the consultation. Or call 1-360-376-8272.

Initial consultation and Tibetan three phase healing protocol design dona is $185. & follow up appts, phone and email consultations are $85.

The initial session / consultation donation covers session time and additional time in reviewing client information, research, designing of a supportive health protocol, writing of the report and time in constructing the healing protocol (putting the specific supplements together and made ready to send to client). This addition work requires another two to four hours beyond the consultation or reviewing of client information and is all included in the initial $185. dona.

Additional protocol reports, design, descriptions, instruction and construction for each client protocol within the three phases, take two to four hours and a minimal flat $55. fee is charged for that service. When tongue analysis is required or requested to be part of each report the regular $85. protocol dona fee is to be applied.

How to prepare yourself for a consultation

Tibetan holistic healing requires the client to participate, to take responsibility for their life force and make the necessary diet and behavior modifications needed. Not wanting to take such responsibilities for one’s health may lead to further disappointment and misinterpretation of Tibetan Healing and the Tibetan culture.

More and more Clients from different cultures world wide are seeking appointments with Tibetan trained practitioners. and generally do not know the basic principles of holistic health and specially Tibetan therapies at the time of their appointment. Because consultations usually last 30 to 50 minutes, precious time should not be wasted with questions such as “What is WIND, BILE and PHLEGM?”  because that information and more will be provided to the client if they do not have it already.

More information will be provided upon scheduling an appointment.

Amchi Thubten Lekshe ~ Physician of Tibetan medicine

tibetan doctors

In 1973 he began his training in the Himalayas in the theoretical and practical aspects of the ancient Tibetan medical system under the tutelage of many kind Amchi’s and Tibetan medical Lama’s including the great renown Masters of Tibetan Medicine, Dr. Amala Lobsang Dolma, Dr. Yeshe Donden, Dr. Tenzing Choedrak. At that time he also began studies in Sutra and Tantra with many great Tibetan teachers and that history is at the bottom of the page at http://tanaduk.com/medicine.html. Throughout the many years of his training and practice beginning in 1978 he has continued to receive clinical, botanical and spiritual training with wonderful teachers of Tibetan Sutra, Tantra and botanical medicine.

Topics he covers in consultation are on the symptoms and understanding the symptoms, rejuvenation, dietary and behavioral factors, herbal supplement treatment options, accessory therapies, on the healthy and dis-eased body and a wide range of other topics as required. He is able to give effective consultations and treatments at the center and through the internet.

Understanding the Art and Science of Tibetan Medicine

To broaden your understanding of the Tibetan medical model and this ancient holistic art and science of healing go to http://tanaduk.com/medicine.html

Start Your Healing Now

Send an email to amchi@tibetandoctors.com to request more information about scheduling  a consultation.

Healing Support

Removing the obstacles to the bodies ability to heal is the first approach and obstacles can be recognized as psychological, physical or both, but whatever the obstacle, it can be recognized and addressed. Where the issues are psychological, it may be necessary to revise subconscious scripts. On the physical side, often diet and lifestyle regimes need to be revised, healing internal organ energy issues and the balance within the three humours may need to be addressed. In nearly every instance, once the obstacle is removed, healing proceeds swiftly and failure to eliminate the obstacle diminishes the effectiveness of whatever treatment is used. The Tanaduk clinic provides individual and affective healing protocols that can be easily understood.

A tip on how to prolong life from Amchi Thubten Lekshe

“There is a really good method to prolong life and that is by saving life, by saving the life of many beings in danger you are working to remove obstacles that may hinder your long life. For example, by buying and the letting free or finding homes for animals that are going to be killed or are suffering. In India people go to fishermen, buy many fish and let them free. Saving the life of living beings is the best method to prolong ones own life. This behavior is followed both by Buddhists and by Hindus. There are also several Tibetan pills that are helpful like the Nagpo Gutup Pill, which is made of 9 substances and contains many blessings and from the point of view of the Tibetan culture and tradition “it has the potency of prolonging life, protects against illness and makes us more happy.”


May All Beings Be Happy ~ May All Beings Be Free